Art by:
Various, John Paul Leon, Francis Portela, Steve Pugh
Cover by:
Jae Lee
Written by:

Jeff Lemire

Following the loss of his son, Buddy Baker finds he can’t mourn in peace without constant media intrusions that his newfound fame as an actor have brought about. But Buddy must rise to the challenge when a new and horrifying species called The Splinterfolk appears.

As Animal Man, Buddy Baker channels the power of the life force called the Red to protect all life on Earth. But fighting for the Red cost him the love of his life — and the life of his son. Abandoned by his wife and daughter, grieving the loss of his child, failed by the totems who gave him his power, Buddy wants nothing more than to be left alone.

But vicious predators are about to invade the Red. Perversions of both science and sorcery threaten to drain every drop of power not just from Buddy, but from his daughter as well. There's a new species at the top of the food chain, and Animal Man must evolve or die…

1 - Especies Disidentes Animal Man 21
2 - Especies Disidentes Animal Man 22
3 - Especies Disidentes Animal Man Annual 02
4 - Especies Disidentes Animal Man 23